Glider Group is upgrading models from CLASSIC series

May 2019All news

In order to impress and please our customers we are improving specifications and stylistic solutions of popular models of our armchairs.

Model 78 is a glider armchair from the CLASSIC collection. Classical features of a rocking chair harmoniously blend with a Glider pendulum mechanism and ensure maximum comfort. Wide selection of upholstery solutions and basic colors guarantees that each client will find his optimal decision. Appearance of the model remained the same, but we added an opportunity to fold a backrest in 3 positions, a locking mechanism and an ottoman in the same style. The model was given the beautiful name KARMA.

Model 68M is a compact armchair young mothers like. On its basis model 68W was created. 68W has a wider seat and backrest, 3 positions of folding the backrest and a locking mechanism. However, we still saved 68M model in our collection because of its compactness, soft armrests and pockets. Therefore, our series of nursing armchairs offers 2 models to happy parents.